Track Equipment, Assets and Inventory Effortlessly

It can be all too easy for chaos to control your business, particularly when it comes to field operations. Whether your business involves shipping and logistics, long-haul vehicles or something completely different, it is absolutely essential that you know where your equipment and assets are at all times.

M4 Tracking makes that simple, effective and easy.

Our Platform

We believe in delivering to our customers the cutting-edge technology and connectivity necessary to track anything, anywhere, at any time. We utilize modern GPS technology combined with innovative software to deliver real-time tracking of your vehicles, inventory, company property and much more.

M4 Tracking delivers the solutions and peace of mind needed for the broadest range of applications. We’re proud to serve clients in the government, commercial, industrial, logistics and retail sectors to name only a few. Our devices and services can be utilized for:

  • Fleet Tracking: Know where your vehicles are at all times, whether they’re operating locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.
  • Boost Business Efficiency: Manage your assets and inventory effortlessly through feature-rich user interfaces on durable, easily used devices. Remove hidden costs and build a more profitable business with M4 Tracking.
  • Enhance Protection: GPS technology offers essential protection for equipment, business/personal property and much more. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Difference

At M4 Tracking, we believe in taking a different stance to tracking equipment and assets. We know that every client’s needs are different and therefore strive to match each client with the right device. Our specialists will:

  • Analyze your needs
  • Analyze your platform
  • Determine the specific device that fills all your specific requirements
  • Continually follow up to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase

M4 Tracking provides you with access to the customized tracking solution required by your specific needs. Why suffer with a “cookie-cutter” system? Contact us today for a customized quote on the right device for your needs.